Welcome to Anna's Organics! Here at AO, we believe in the importance of living an organic, unadulterated lifestyle. Anna's Organics is a community that strives to live pure, by filling our bodies, minds, and spirits with positive, health promoting ingredients. 

ORGANIC BODY: 1 Corinthians 6:19 reminds us that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, and taking care of our temple (our body) is one way we can honor The Father and further build His Kingdom. When we fill our bodies with pure, organic foods, we fuel our bodies with nutrients that will promote health and wellbeing, enabling us to have the energy and strength needed to "Go and make disciples..." (Matt. 28:19). Anna offers traditional naturopathic medicine therapies, personalized nutrition coaching, exercise plans, and wellness protocols to ensure you are doing your part to take care of your physical body. "Don't you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself, for God bought you with a high price. So you must honor God with your body." --1 Corinthians 6:19-20

ORGANIC MIND: Our thoughts and feelings can either keep us from or cause us to experience "life abundant" that Jesus came to give us. At AO, we strive to purify our minds by eliminating the toxic influences, and increasing the positive influences. In Colossians 3:2, we are commanded to "Set our minds on things of The Spirit, not on earthly things." Is your mind set on things of the flesh or on Christ? Find freedom and healing in your life by finding freedom and healing in your mind. "For the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind that is set on the Spirit is life and peace." --Romans 8:6. Anna offers chronic illness adjustment support, neurolinguistic programming, rational emotive behavior therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

ORGANIC SPIRIT: Jesus promises us in Matthew 5:8 that the pure in spirit will receive the Kingdom of God. We have everything we need when we are in Christ! Jesus calls us to an organic, raw faith: one that doesn't get caught up in religious or political systems, distracted by earthly and fleshly longings and lusts, or defeated by circumstances in our lives, but one that seeks after His face and trusts in His grace above all else. "You, however, are controlled not by the flesh, but by the Spirit, if the Spirit of God lives in you. And if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he does not belong to Christ." --Romans 8:9. Anna helps her patients find spiritual healing through Christian counseling, spiritual support, and prayer meeting ministries.

ORGANIC SOUL: We are, ultimately, souls...not bodies. And true health and healing is found when we understand and focus on that which matters most, and that which our soul longs for more than all else: relationship with Jesus Christ. We were created for relationship with our Creator, and although the world pulls on us and promises happiness, healing, freedom, and acceptance through earthly things, true fulfillment will only come when we come to Christ to find it. Having an organic soul means ensuring your soul is kept in the way it is designed to be: devoted to Christ first, foremost, and only. "For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul?" --Mark 8:36. Anna's chronic illness support group, "Chronically Cared For," is a revolutionary approach to wellness and healing of mind, body, spirit, and soul. By fostering connection, collaboration, and care, Chronically Cared For enables members to find healing at their core, that no chronic illness can destroy: healing in their soul. Visit this page to learn more about Chronically Cared For. 

Living the ORGANIC LIFE means living the life we were created to live--in body, mind, spirit, and soul. The mission of Anna's Organics Wellness is to help you live your life organically, by living in line with God's design: a design that always, without fail, leads to H E A L I N G. 

"Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things." -Philippians 4:8

What is Anna's Organics Wellness?

Anna's Organics is a community of individuals who seek to "live organically" by both detoxing and nourishing body, mind, and spirit.

Who is Anna?

Anna Johnson, the owner and founder of Anna's Organics Wellness, is a Naturopathic Doctor, Functional Nutritionist, Internationally Certified Regenerative Detoxification Specialist, Certified Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Certified Aromatherapist, and future clinical mental health counselor. Anna is also trained in Ayurvedic Medicine, Christian counseling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Exposure Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Reflexology, and Homeopathy. She holds both a Bachelor of Science degree in Wellness and Alternative Medicine, as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. In addition to writing natural health articles, cookbooks, recipes, poetry, and spiritual growth devotionals, Anna is available for one-on-one wellness and nutrition consultations. Anna works with clients on a very individualized basis, and recognizes the unique nature of each individual's situation, needs, and circumstances, formulating each client's wellness program around their unique needs. For more information on the various counseling options available, click here. For questions or to schedule your own appointment, please email Anna.  

What can I expect from Anna's Organics Wellness?

Anns is passionate about sharing her love of Jesus, nutrition, and wellness, and enjoys writing articles, sharing life experiences and devotions (follow her on Instagram, here for life, and here for Anna's Organics Wellness!) making YouTube videos (visit her YouTube channel HERE!), and sharing her journey through this life fighting cystic fibrosis and trusting The Lord, all in addition to (of course) helping her clients and patients reach optimal health and wellbeing!. Subscribe to stay up to date on all things Anna's Organics, and check out this page to know where to connect with and follow along on Anna's journey!

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Meet Anna

Anna Johnson, BS, BA, ND, CNS, CPT, CYI, CPBN, CArTh, CPI is the founder and "dreamer" behind Anna's Organics. After suffering from serious health issues all her life, at age 19, Anna was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. But instead of getting this diagnosis and being defeated, Anna was determined to find a way to improve her health...and her life. Having been interested in nutrition her whole life, she turned to food to find healing.

After trying about every different "healing diet" out there, Anna finally surrendered her attempts at "self-healing" to her Savior, realizing that true healing isn't just physical--it's mind, body and spirit. After learning this, and prioritizing her relationship with Christ above all else, He revealed to her His ultimate will: for His beloved children to live in freedom (see John 10:10, Romans 14, and Matthew 6). "It's a process...healing is a journey, not a destination. I'm a work in progress, just like all of us. But I'm healing every day...thanks be to God." Anna's journey has not been an easy one, nor is she by any means physically healed...but the long and painful process of physical healing has taught Anna there is much more to healing than JUST the elimination of disease. "Healing is a three part process: mind, body, and spirit. We are made in the image of our Creator God Almighty, who Himself is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He is a triune being, and so are we. When we focus ONLY on healing one area (our physical bodies, for example) we get out of balance...just like when we focus too much on the food we're putting in our bodies, to the neglect of the nourishment we are putting in our hearts and minds. The only way to TRULY heal is to heal all three aspects of ourselves: mind, body, and spirit...and to trust God in ALL THINGS, putting our complete trust in Him and only Him, nothing or no one else." This revelation from The Lord revolutionized Anna's healing journey, and taught her that, while pain is unavoidable, suffering is optional. "God has been so good to me and so patient with me...it's taken me a long time and I've cried many tears, but He is birthing something beautiful out of my journey...even if I can't see what yet! Healing happens from the inside out, and is oftentimes incomplete in this life...but by the grace of God, I have made peace with that, having seen the good He has brought from my pain and suffering (Romans 8:28). I have learned that, like Paul tells us to, we really CAN rejoice in all circumstances, because when we have Jesus, we have everything we need. This world is not our home, or our final destination. Life is hard, and sometimes close to unbearable...but I'm living it with the hope of eternity: forever in paradise with Jesus my Savior. How COULD I keep from singing?!" 

*If you would like to read more about Anna's journey and testimony, click here. To schedule a Nutrition or Wellness consult with Anna, please send an email to annasorganicslynchburg@gmail.com, or book an appointment online by clicking the "Book Online" tab under the drop-down menu.

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