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Anna's Organics Wellness is the vision and passion of Anna Johnson, founder of AO, functional nutritionist, Naturopathic Doctor, and cystic fibrosis warrior. Anna's Organics exists to empower individuals to "live the organic life": pure, unadulterated...the way God designed us to live. Anna's Organics recognizes the beauty in being unique, and takes pride in the fact that we are all different--and perfectly so ("There are many parts, but one body" --1 Corinthians 12:20). CreationNutrition, the functional nutrition facet of Anna's Organics Wellness, encourages each and every person to take confidence in doing what works for them for healing (bioindividuality), a process that Anna finds joy in helping others discover. At Anna's Organics,  we believe that true healing is only found when a patient-centered approach is taken, rather than a protocol-centered approach, and that by  listening to our bodies, learning about our bodies and what they need to heal and thrive, and understanding how to fuel our bodies with what they specifically need, we all can obtain true healing--of mind, body, and spirit. 



Anna Johnson, BS, BA, ND, CNS, CYI, CPI, CPBN, CPT, CAT, DSp., was diagnosed with a very rare form of the genetic disease cystic fibrosis just one month before her 20th birthday, after searching for answers to her lifelong, severe health problems. Having been interested in nutrition and natural health from a very early age, she became all the more interested and motivated to seriously pursue the field of alternative medicine after her own diagnosis. She is passionate about wellness, nutrition, medicine, and all things health/natural health, and loves helping others achieve their best possible self: in mind, body, spirit, and soul. She received her Bachelor of Science in Wellness and Alternative Medicine, along with her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, in 2019, and has enjoyed incorporating various psychological principles and practices into her work with clients. She currently owns and operates her own Traditional Naturopathy and Holistic/Functional Nutrition practice, Anna's Organics Wellness as a licensed small business in the state of Virginia, and works with clients privately in addition to hosting educational seminars, workshops, and speaking as a special guest at workshops. 

In her spare time, Anna enjoys writing (she has currently published 3 cookbooks and 1 poetry book), reading, singing, running, walking and hiking, dancing, swimming, ice dancing, yoga, meditation, and being outside in God's Creation. Her greatest joy in life is found through bringing honor and glory to Her Savior through various forms of worship and through various means, and strives to fully embrace the call God has paced upon her life to help, love, and teach others about health and wellness, and what it means to "live organically."


Although her life with CF is challenging and at times very painful, Anna continues learning, growing, and healing more each day--body, mind, spirit, and soul. Though life isn't easy, Jesus's yoke is...and when we cast our cares on Him, He cares for us...He takes our pain and panic and gives us His peace. She says that her own experiences and struggles have been her inspiration and motivation to pursue functional medicine and functional nutrition (personalized nutrition), as well as to start CreationNutrition. The "standard" approach to treatment and healing (a protocol-centered approach, which advocates the same method and standard of care for everyone, instead of seeing each and every patient/person as unique and formulating a healing protocol for their specific needs and situation), as she has learned firsthand, can be very damaging, and can result in practitioners missing a terminal illness just because their patient doesn't "fit into the box" of what that illness normally "looks" like. Additionally, even natural practitioners who adhere to/believe in one certain diet or approach to healing as optimal for everyone, failing to take into account bioindivideal differences and unique nutrient needs (AND the role that mental, emotional, and spiritual factors play in physical and overall health and wellness), can result in severe malnutrition and deficiencies for the patient/client. A functional approach to healing prioritizes a PATIENT-centered approach (versus a protocol-centered approach), and acknowledges that we are all different and unique, and perfectly so ("There are many parts, but one body..." --1 Corinthians 12:12). In her own words, "I tried everything: every protocol, every formula, every method...but it was only when I tapped into the Healer inside of myself (the Holy Spirit who guides each and every one of us to what OUR body needs, as long as we are keeping our eyes fixed on Him and listening to HIS voice above all other voices around us) that I started finally improving. I am passionate about SELF HEALING, and about empowering others to tune into the doctor inside of themselves--The Great Physician, the Holy Spirit. When we put Him first and listen to and obey His voice and what He leads us to do, we heal. Completely. Period." "But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and ALL THESE THING shall be added unto you..." --Matthew 6:33.

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Thanks for reading. May God bless you wherever you may be--in life, in health, and in the world. 


Dr. Anna Johnson, ND 

Education, Certifications, Licensing, and Credentials

As the owner and operator of Anna's Organics LLC, Anna Johnson is a:

  • Certified Personal Trainer (2014, California)

  • Certified Yoga Instructor (2014, Bali)

  • Certified Plant-Based Nutritionist (2016, Cornell University)

  • Certified Aromatherapist (2016, Utah)

  • Certified Pilates Instructor (2017, American Sports and Fitness Association)

  • Certified Regenerative Detoxification Specialist (2017, Florida)

  • Certified in Psychological First Aid (2018, Bloomberg School of Public Health-Baltimore, Maryland)

  • Former recipe developer for various companies and local businesses, including wRAWp Foods, Miracle Noodle, and Health Nut Nutrition/Millie's Living Cafe

  • Guest lecturer/wellness workshop host at various events in the local community and online

  • Published cookbook author

  • Registered small business owner in the state of Virginia 

  • Bachelor of Science in Wellness and Alternative Medicine and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology; graduated Summa cum Laude with honors (2019, Northern Vermont University)

  • Naturopathic Doctor/Doctor of Traditional Naturopathic Medicine (2019, Indiana)

Anna is currently recovering from multiple surgeries, but is planning on pursuing further education when she is able. She is praying about the vocational direction The Lord is leading her in, and appreciated you joining her in prayer over this, too.

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