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"Out of the ground the LORD God caused to grow every tree that is pleasing to the sight and good for food..." -Genesis 2:9

CreationNutrition is a Bible-based nutritional wellness and lifestyle program designed by Certified Nutritionist Anna Johnson. CreationNutrition emphasizes eating the foods we were designed to eat--the specific foods our specific bodies need (and NO, it's not the same for everyone!). 

Each and every one of us is wonderfully unique--not one person in the whole world is like us! the Bible tells us in Galatians Chapter 1 that each one of us is set apart by Christ to fulfill His work on this earth...and each and every one of us has a different job to do for Him! He made each of us unique and different for a reason: each of us reveals a different aspect of His nature! Scripture reminds us that our differences are what make us us...what make us special: "As it is, there are many parts but one body" (1 Corinthians 12:12). We all look different, talk different, act different, and yes, need different things...including food! Have you ever wondered why some people LOVE beets, while others can't stand them? Or what about sauerkraut...is your sandwich not complete without that sour element, or does the sight of fermented cabbage flip your stomach? How about cravings? We all get them...but have you ever stopped to wonder why we get specific cravings at specific times? Or possibly you've had a friend that's gone Paleo and reversed their autoimmune disease, while another swears by the Ketogenic diet. What about your coworker that adores Ayurvedic medicine, while you tried it and didn't seem to "connect" with the philosophy? Confused yet? You're not alone. Our tastes, preferences, and cravings are there for a reason--they're God's way of helping us to know what our bodies need when! Did you know that 70% of our microbiome is unique to US and US ALONE?! That means only 30% is "standard," or the same as everyone else...so how in the world could one approach to food, health, and healing be right for all of us? Here's the good news: it's not. We are all different, and require different things.

So how does that fit in to CreationNutrition? When you purchase your very own CreationNutrition Plan, Anna works with you to discover what your specific body needs to not only survive but THRIVE, by carefully assessing cravings, reading your irises (iridology), analyzing tongue and facial patterns (TCM diagnostic techniques), reviewing dental history and medical history, and considering your work, home life, and personal schedule. The CreationNutrition approach to wellness is one like no other: CreationNutrition recognizes the importance of listening to our bodies and fueling them with what THEY need. There is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to nutrition and healthy living, simply because there is no "one-size-fits-all" person. YOU are unique, and so are your nutritional needs. Anna's mission is to work with you to discover those needs so you can live your best life: by eating the foods YOU were created to eat. 

Routine cleansing of our physical bodies (also referred to as "detoxification") is an essential step in properly caring for our temples (1 Corinthians 6:19), which is exactly why the CreationNutrition program starts out with a 40 day cleanse. The CreationNutrition Cleanse is a Bible-based, holistic cleansing program designed to get you back on track--with body, mind, and spirit. The CreationNutrition Cleanse is founded on the philosophy that food really IS medicine, and that, by "getting back to our roots" with what we eat (raw fruits and veggies: think the Garden of Eden!), we can take a big step forward towards healing mind, body, and spirit. The CN cleanse is a 40-day cleanse in which individuals fill their bodies with 100% plants...the first 10 days of which is 100% RAW FRUITS AND VEGGIES (see Daniel Chapter 1). We all know our bodies are very complex creations, and require a wide array of nutrients in order to function optimally. We also know that some of these nutrients, like TRUE vitamin A (retinol), vitamin B-12, and EPA and DHA (Omega 3 fatty acids already in utilizable form) are ONLY found in animal foods. However, many of us have reached a plateau in our lives or healing journeys, and simply need a "reset"...and this is where the CreationNutrition Cleanse comes in! By eating ONLY plants for 30 days, while fasting from other, more "luxurious" foods and activities (guidelines included in your CreationNutrition Plan), we can purify our minds, bodies, and spirits, in order to come back cleansed of physical toxins in our bodies, emotional toxins in our minds and relationships, and with a renewed passion for our Creator God. 

After the cleanse is where the fun begins...it's time to develop your own individualized nutritional wellness program! By working with Certified Nutritionist and Holistic Healing Practitioner Anna Johnson, you will learn what foods YOUR specific body needs to thrive. But not only that--you will also learn various herbs you can take to boost your health and healing, the best times of day to eat your meals for optimal digestion, and even the best exercises for your specific body to promote health and longevity. 

If you're ready to change your life, you've come to the right place. Contact Anna TODAY to set up an appointment, or click below to purchase your CreationNutrition Cleanse or personalized CreationNutrition Plan.

(*Please Note: Price of CreationNutrition Plan DOES NOT include the 40-day CreationNutrition Cleanse package. Skype and Phone consultations available upon request for an hourly fee. See "Book Online" tab for prices and options, or to schedule your consult.*)

CreationNutrition Cleanse

CreationNutrition Cleanse


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