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Healthy Products

Find all of Anna's favorite healing products and supplements under our "Product Love!" tab.

Whole Food Cookbooks and Recipe Cards

Forget the days of buying $30, 200-recipe cookbooks that you know you'll only use 3 or 4 recipes out of...with Anna's "mini" cookbooks and individual recipe cards, you can purchase the recipes you want, and forget the rest!

OR if you'd like Anna's full recipe collection, opt for The Anna's Organics Cookbook, available for purchase under the "Cookbooks and Recipes" tab.

Educational Talks and Seminars

Anna is always happy to speak at wellness events upon request. Additionally, Anna will begin hosting educational seminars herself in early 2020. For more information and to stay updated on Anna's plans for Anna's Organics Wellness events and news, subscribe to the blog, and follow AOW on Instagram.

Nutrition and Wellness 
Coaching &
Spiritual and Emotional Healing Services

As a Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Plant-Based and Functional Nutritionist, Anna offers holistic nutrition and holistic health and wellness consultations to the local community and online, in addition to fitness instruction (Anna specializes in "functional fitness" and fitness for disabled or physically compromised individuals), yoga classes, herbalism and herbal therapies, and aromatherapy

Christian Poetry, Writings, and Devotions

Throughout Anna's illness, she has found much healing and release through writing. To check out her poetry, books, and devotional meditations and reflections, visit this page

Chronic illness support

As a cystic fibrosis warrior herself, Anna knows firsthand how difficult it can be to go through life having a chronic illness. Anna is ALWAYS available to anyone and everyone who is in need of support, reassurance, love, or simply a friend who understands. Feel free to email Anna at any time, and be sure to check out this page and these resources. You are never alone in your sufferings. 

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